Eastbourne, Bar Blue 28 January 2010

We awoke at Ollie’s house after a lovely nights sleep. Ollie let me sleep in his bed and I woke up in as most tender embrace as you can when both parties are heterosexual males with stinkers of hangovers. We woke showered and set about seeing as much of Brighton as we can.

First I feel I must introduce to you the wonder that is Ollie Williams. Ollie and I both helped run Lofi Hifi while we were in Exeter (keen readers of this blog will remember that was the night we played at in Exeter). Me and Ollie used to bring the party tunes while everyone else hung out trying to play cool music.  Who the hell wants to hear some obscure tune you dragged off a blog when they can have Black Box instead? I’ve not met that person yet. Ollie was also the second non-resident to spend the most time in my house in Exeter, being pipped to the post only by Will after he was made homeless. Ollie also did the artwork for The Bear Cub E.P. That bears face we put on everything? Yea, Ollie drew that. Ollie also has the unfathomable skill of saying the worst thing he can think of at any time. You think of something terrible Ollie will beat it. On my 22nd birthday Ollie was in the middle of the phrase ‘and Bart Simpson is watching her masturbating’ as my mum walked in with my birthday cake. Ollie Williams ladies and gentlemen

Ollie Williams

Ollie is one of the many people who I knew who had moved to Brighton who continually kept telling me how great it was.  There’s loads of cool shops blah blah blah loads of great bands blah blah blah shows happening all the time blah blah blah. The problem is after merely a few hours in Brighton I think these people might be right. After Ollie took us for the ultimate café breakfast we went for a wander around the lanes in Brighton. Dave’s comics, Punk Bunker, Snooper’s Paradise everything was so god damn cool. We walked along the sea front and out onto the pier and then back up to Ollie for tea, chatroulette and then to bid our farewells for the pitiful drive to Eastbourne.

One thing to note about Brighton before we move on, everyone is beautiful. I mean everyone. I saw a homeless man who made Ric from Tall Ships look like a scrubber. Every man, woman, child and pet looked like they had just stepped forth from whatever aspirational catalogue is most appropriate to them. Me and Will are seriously considering moving there. Wilson Fisk could be a Brighton band. Can you imagine? I need some moccasins

(i’m not wearing moccasins, never. Ok maybe when i’m like 70)

We arrived at our old acquaintance Bar Blue before the other two hopeless Bromantics that make up the Fisk and hung out with the Daggers and the Speak You Heart chaps. After the two star-crossed lovers turned up we loaded out and we regaled with the tale of the ridiculously masculine bonding excersise that had occurred between the non-singing elements of our band. The day mainly consisted of a long lie-in together followed by tea and Modern Warfare 2. Christ these dudes are butch. However me and Will both noticed an air of factionalism evolving within the ranks as Ed and Nic made references to their own little in-jokes and when Ed spilled a tiny bit of water on is cheek Nic was there like a flash to mop it up with a corner of his shirt tutting and saying things like ‘Oh I can’t take you anywhere’.

We then went to go eat. Now the more perceptive of you will notice that there is no mention of us going to get food the previous day. That’s cos we didn’t. I got some mini cheddars from a service station but that was it. Now I’m new to this touring lark but I do like eating so today I treated myself big time. After my ruinous breakfast of the morning I went and got myself a quite ludicrous meal from a popular chicken retailer. It was amazing and disgusting all in one.

We headed back to the venue and I was so full I got a stich from walking. We arrived just in time to see Mammoth Mammoth play. These dude had really nice guitars and I was scared that their tunes wouldn’t match up to the majesty of their guitars. My fears were dashed as they played a really ace set. However none of the Eastbourne crowd seemed to notice. There loss for sure.

We were slightly apprehensive before taking the stage. We thought that the prominently tattooed masses would simply treat us with the same unfair indifference that they had shows Mammoth Mammoth. However it turned out to be one of the best sets of our. Stuff broke, mics were swapped mid-song, there were sing alongs (and not just in Waist Down MENTAL!) and we all thrashed around like landed salmon. I ended the set not supporting my own weight, which is always a nice play to be, and it was just rad. Cheers Eastbourne I think we mis-judged you and owe you and apology. Speak Your Heart went and played a blinder, back on home turf and clearly with a point to prove they absolutely nailed it. Unfortunately, cos we all suck, we had to go home due to work so we all split before Let’s Talk Daggers played. It would have to have gone seriously wrong for them to fuck this set up. The vibe in the venues was ace and half the crowd were wearing their shirts despite it being one of the biggest faux-pa’s imaginable.

Three lovely days. Cheers to Jamie for having us in her’s and Snorlax’s flat. Ollie for the hospitality, Let’s Talk Daggers for being dudes. Massive thanks to Speak Your Heart for being fudging heroes.

See you soon.

(as you can probably tell i wussed out with the google image search. so i gave you links. many links. You better be grateful…)


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