Brighton, Prince Albert, 27 January 2010

I’ve spent many a night in the company of Will Quick and suffice to say he’s one of my favourite plutonic bed partners. He never nicks too much of the covers, stays on his side of the bed and is respectful of pillow boundaries. Despite all of these I slept rather badly. Ho hum.

After rising , showering and getting our tea on we made the executive decision to head into Canterbury and practice. When you’re in a band that is scattered to the four corners of the southwest you have to take every opportunity to play together and that is why when we’re out playing shows we frequently will find a practise room and work on some new stuff. So we set off to the marvellous Canterbury music rooms to meet our buddy Ross and get back in the lab.

After a rather fruitful session (without wishing to sound self-aggrandizing the new stuff we’re writing is really, really good. Well we think so) we climbed into our vehicles to commence the rather modest drive to Brighton.

As we arrived at the venue we found it already full of our tour cohorts and many a witticism was exchanged. However besides the sound man there was another gentleman in the room, an older gentleman who seemed to be carrying all his worldly possessions with him, including a rather beat up guitar. Now as you can tell I was thinking ‘awesome, this guys gonna be one of those old drifter types who will regale me with stories about life on the road and then play some awesome blues’ I was wrong. After sitting and having a chat I decided he was a tad peculiar but an ultimately nice man. I had to gloss over the rather more insane things he said. Apparently he was married to Chrissie Hynde but she was always away on tour and that she needed to, and I quote, ‘Stop Pretending and come live with me all the time’. He also quite condescendingly told me to ‘not forget to call my mum’ which was actually rather ironic as I had just got off the phone with mum as I entered the venue (punk RAWK). After I told him this fact he revealed that he had also been on the phone to his mother earlier that day. Now this dude was rather old, im talking 60-70 years old so I must have made one of my slightly disbelieving and wholly innapropriate ‘really?’ faces to which the old guy replied ‘when I saw mum I mean mates wife’. A common mistake I think you’ll agree. After telling me that with when you fancy your mate’s wife you could look, think and touch once but if she wasn’t into it that was as far as you could go, he asked if he could play at the show. He got his guitar out and I was thinking ‘here we go! Time for tshi dude to play an awesome song about life on the road that while be humorous and light hearted will ultimately serves as an allegory on how to live my life’ But he didn’t. He was rubbish. Then he tried to steal some of Tall Ships merch. Shame.

For a city that I have never even set foot in ever in my life I seem to know an awful lot of people who have wound up in Brighton for various reasons. This show was a lovely opportunity to hang out and see a bunch of old friends I hadn’t seen in a good long while. Former Exeter colleagues, St Albans band-types and London hipsters all made appearances and it was marvellous.

( i google image searched happy reunions. You people are messed up)

We went on first to a relatively full room. I was really pumped to play as the soundman, with no music of his own, had plugged my ipod into the PA and I put on a playlist full of absolute bangers. One of them was ‘Gangster Gangster’ by N.W.A which made a lot of the assembled masses slightly uneasy with its rather offensive content but made me super excited to play. The stage was a bit cramped for me and I nearly fell off the front (ha!). After that Let’s Talk Daggers kicked arse and took names and then Tall Ships played. Now this was the last time we were going to play together on this tour and it was right emotional. To make it all better than played an amazing ample of some America kids talking about Snorlax (not our one, the Pokemon character. If they were talking about ours it would have gone along the lines of ‘DAMN that guy’s playing on his iPhone AGAIN! And whats this? He’s napping again? DAMN that guy’s sleepy ’). It was the best Tall Ships had played and there was even a little sing along during Vessels. Speak Your Heart then went on a were bloody marvellous as always, nice and haggard again.

After the show we loaded out with un-rivalled speed and professionalism. However Speak Your Heart and Tall Ships took bloody AGES. Apparently having merch and backline takes a bit longer than just having basic breakables but I don’t believe it.

After the show Snorlax and Nic decided they were extra sleepy and couldn’t come out and party with us and Tall Ships so they went back to Canterbury and had the most laddish bonding experience ever. More on that story later.

Me and Will however were right up for a night on the tiles in Brighton. We headed back to our good buddy Ollie’s house where were staying to ditch our stuff and head into town. We ended up in a club by the beach called Digital for allegedly a pound night where everything was a pound; entry, drinks the lot. However it wasn’t. It was a bit more. This didn’t deter us though as we’re such party dudes (ha!). Highlights from the evening included Will sharting while peeing (all he’d eaten all week was a loaf of Lidl bread. White bread. It does things to you.  It really does). Then Will throwing his jacket in a hiding place that, due to a curious arrangement of bars, made it completely out of reach and it took all of Tall Ships collective problem-solving skills to fashion a sleeve hook to recover Will’s garment. The evening was punctuated with much in the way of hugging, and deep conversations about how much Tall Ships and Wilson Fisk love each other. It’s true. Ollie felt like he had to get involved too what with all the love so made a date to play Pro Evo with Matt. Pro Evo? Nah, me neither.


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