The Skiving Scholar, Plymouth, 14th January 2010.

We slept late this morning as the drive to Plymouth is under an hour and we didn’t have to be there until late, plus Jo is super generous and lovely. After we had roused ourselves and Will had lamented his choice of hard, unyielding floor over soft, inviting sofa we set off to find Nic. We once again attempted to gain access to our old practice room but were once again foiled so we decided to shell out on a premium rate practice room in town.

Because we’re such party dudes (ha!) we’d left our gear in the venue so we could all drink and make merry so our first stop was to go and collect it. We then headed into town to get Ed some plectrums and me some disappointing foodstuffs. A warning to anyone, Sainsbury’s tuna and sweet corn pasta is a bland and flavorless affair while the less said about the cucumber dominated falafel and houmos wrap the better.

A disappointing meal makes me disappointed. Look at the disappointment.

We then proceeded to get our practice on merely two days late. However it was very fruitful, we finished one brand new song that is called ‘Closing Down (Everything Must Go)’ it’s about not fearing death; also we now we have a title with brackets in it, ergo we shall become successful. (It’s worked for) the Offspring, Oasis and Biffy so it’s bound to work for us. We also have another song which is pretty much done entitled ‘Horse or Hat’. They’re both great.

These are mine and Wills game faces.

After practice we decided to meet up with our brethren in Tall Ships to dump our equipment in the back of their van. We decided to do this in a Sainsbury’s car park in a scene that resembled what can only be described as the most cumbersome arms deal in history. We were also regaled with the harrowing events that had befallen Jamie and particularly Matt the night before. Suffice to say Matt is a like the Jesus Christ of the Skins generation, with all the hardship and moral purity that that entails.

Drugs, Guns and Puppies.

The drive to Plymouth was uneventful but thankfully short. We arrived at the venue late only to find that Tall Ships had unloaded all our gear for us. What splendid young men they are! We said hello to the promoter Ashley who is a lovely man and were then greeted by our buddies in Speak Your Heart who we are doing a couple of shows with later this month. They are on tour now so you should go check them out!

Acoustic. Yea.

We have an odd relationship with the Scholar. We’ve played here twice before, one of which was the worst show we’ve ever done and the other was the furiously ill-attended debut of Snorlax. On that second occasion both Will and I were accosted in the toilet by a well known Plymouth character known for attempting to solicit sexual activity in public restrooms. Needless to say both Will and I said we were flattered but politely declined. However there was no such luck tonight.

I am going out on a limb here and say that the show however was the best of tour, perhaps even the best Wilson Fisk show to date. The Tall Ships lads had played in Plymouth quite a bit and therefore managed to pull quite the crowd including a group of painfully nice girls who had all dressed up in nautical themed attire (Tall SHIPS get it?). Perhaps one day attractive young women will come to our shows dressed as New York based Marvel super villains; ho hum, one can but dream.

We then proceeded to take the obligatory tour photo. Our choice for a location was an old up lit church in the centre of a roundabout. Hopefully these photos should see the light of day soon as Ric took them with his giganta-camera. He also took several arty shots of me and Ed. If I was a model I’d want Ric to take all my photo’s, he’s just so damn gentle with his lens.

Spot the down-trow(s)

Speak Your Heart went on and were marvelous as always. During our set we played our new song and I dedicated it to my recently deceased, much missed and loved cat Nancy (RIP forever in our laps). This prompted a discussion with an audience member who had also recently lost a pet. In my attempts to be witty I managed to offend the nice person and played the next song feeling like a prize tit. In my attempts to apologise I perhaps came across as slightly lecherous and the woman in the audience felt the need to introduce me to her husband. He was a handsome man. I totally would have.

Wilson Fisk taking care of buisness.

Tall Ships then proceeded to go on and play an absolute blinder. The crowd loosened up and their set culminated in a massive dance party. It was great. We (we being the Fisk) all went on and grabbed instruments and proceeded to jam our little hearts out. It was one of those little euphoric, life-affirming moments where you can feel the serotonin shoot up your spine and all consequence and worry is removed for that one blissful moment. Then we had to load out. That sucked.

Everyone needs to go to a Tall Ships show at least once in their life.

The other three of my band were very tired so headed back to Nic’s house in Exeter to get some much needed rest. I however, being such a party dude (ha!), decided to accompany the Tall Ships boys to Tavistock(rock city) to go stay with their friends. This proved to be a fantastic choice for a number of reasons. Firstly I got to spend 45 mins in the back of blacked out van with Matt, Jamie and several strangers, I was then given tea upon arrival at the large house were staying in and proceeded to dazzle my new friends with my startling wit and joke making capabilities.

However the best reason of all was that I got to share a bed with Ric. Now I’m not going to lie, this was a big deal for me because Ric is hot. Not like go gay hot, more like get a sex change, marry, have kids and grow old together living by the sea-side hot. He’d work from home doing photography. Every now and again he’d have to go away on shoots and I’d be sad but the sadness would be bitter sweet because I know he’ll be back. When he comes back I’d cook him his favorite meal (shepherds pie followed by apple crumble I assume) and then we’d put the kids to bed and….I’ve said too much.


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