Mini-Tour with Tall Ships part 1

Hello, we just got back from our first ever UK mini tour with Tall Ships.  Here’s what happened:

I feel that firstly I should introduce the characters who will undoubtedly make many appearances throughout these words just so you don’t get lost in a sea of under-developed characters.

Wilson Fisk

Nic plays drums in Wilson Fisk.  He is frightfully middle class.  This manifest’s itself in Nic’s refusal to eat at any form of fast food chain, horrible chip shop or service station.  He is also a super talented actor.

Ed (AKA Snorlax) plays guitar in Wilson Fisk.  He aquired his moniker from the drowsy Pokemon who can only be awakened by a Poke flute.  He is stoic.  He sleeps an awful lot and can fall asleep pretty much anywhere.  He is compelled to chronicle and capture every event that happens in life through the mediums of photography, video and various social net-working facilities.

Will plays guitar and is the crooner in Wilson Fisk.  He is skint.  He just got laid off from his job selling coats for dogs due to the recession. However from years of practice he is so able to survive with nothing that it’s almost scary.  When there‘s an apocalypse/zombie invasion I pray that I’ll be with Will.

I’m Barney and I play bass and am the loud, forced singer in Wilson Fisk.  I drive a lot.  I sort the shows and as you can probably tell I do the blog.  I also sweat profusely onstage.  I have a beard.  I am great at gay chicken.

Tall Ships

Jamie plays drums/bass in Tall Ships.  He dresses like a geographically confused worker of nature, part lumberjack and part fisherman.  When he sleeps he cannot be roused.  He has a chemical addiction to concentrated caffeine drinks.  He is terrible at gay chicken.

Matt plays bass/backwards keyboards/percussion/guitar in Tall Ships.  is day clothes make him look like he should be building you a conservatory.  He steals other people stage moves.  He is also has harrowing experiences that frequently test his self-control but he always passes. Always.

Ric plays guitar/frontways keyboards/sings/drums/percussion in Tall Ships.  He is uncontrollably attractive.  He dresses like a hip south-coast molester.  He takes photo’s a lot.  Arty photo’s.  He has a large chin hiding behind a lovely beard.  If there’s a TV on somewhere he is unable not to look at it.  Especially if he is eating chicken.

This is us.


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