2009 The Year of The Fisk

This is a photo of us after we played our last show of 2009 at the Good Ship in Kilburn. Ed likes Nic. Alot

2009 was the year that Wilson Fisk finally left the practise room (and never went back), started playing shows, recording songs and doing all those things that ‘bands’ do.

In this year we played a moderate amount of shows, drove a rather silly amount of miles, made some lovely friends and had some good old fashioned fun.  We played shows with our heroes, with our old friends, with our new friends and with people that didn’t seem that interested in being our friends at all. We played basements, practise rooms, bars, clubs and theatres. We welcomed a new guy and bid farewell to nobody. We recorded with a buddy (www.myspace.com/theroofstudios). We put out a physical record we wished you to pay for but digitally we made no such demands. We enjoyed ourselves immensely.

However, this is but a drop in the ocean compared to what we hope to do. 2010 will kick off with a tour of sorts (dates will be posted below) followed by some more recording, some more song-writing and then who knows? Not us that is for sure. We’re standing at a crossroads. So to speak

If you’ve been nice to us we thank you. If you’ve been a dick we’re indifferent.

see you in 2010

12th Jan. Bar 200 Truro w/ Tall Ships and Bangers

13th Jan. Lofi Hifi @ Cavern Exeter w/ Tall Ships

14th Jan. Skiving Scholar Plymouth w/Tall Ships and Speak Your Heart

15th Jan. Horse and Groom Lincoln w/Tall Ships and Young Wolves

26th Jan. The Fighting Cocks Kingston w/Tall Ships and Speak Your Heart

27th Jan. The Albert Brighton w/Tall Ships and Speak Your Heart

28th Jan. Bar Blue Eastbourne w/Speak Your Heart and Mammoth Mammoth

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