Does a Bear Shirt in the Woods?

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We now have merch up!

The supremely talented Joe William drew us an amazing design and the very lovely people at Get A Grip lovingly printed them! You can buy them from our big cartel page which is

They’re £8.50 inc P&P

They’re printed in grey on black and yellow on indigo and we’re going to do 25 each of each colour (we’re going to get more of the design done but every colour will be limited edition) so get in there quick!

wilson fisk, wilson fisk merch

Grey on Black. Oh my!

wilson fisk, wilson fisk merch

Yellow on Indigo. Saucy!



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Hello! How is everyone? well i hope.

We had an absolute midfudge of an evening when we were made aware of this video right here of a chappy doing a cover of one of our songs. We thought this only happened to Kelly Clarkson and The Fray.

This is ultimately rad so the maddest of mad props to the dude who did it. You genuinley brightened up our shallow, miserable lives so Cheers!

We’ve actually started playing shows again.  Totally! Don’t believe us? well here’s the evidence.

This is us playing You Should Write Manuals

And this is us playing Waist Down

notice at the start me bedning down to tie my shoelace. I wasn’t sure if i was going to get it done up in time before i had to start playing. But I did. Bully!

Eastbourne, Bar Blue 28 January 2010

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We awoke at Ollie’s house after a lovely nights sleep. Ollie let me sleep in his bed and I woke up in as most tender embrace as you can when both parties are heterosexual males with stinkers of hangovers. We woke showered and set about seeing as much of Brighton as we can.

First I feel I must introduce to you the wonder that is Ollie Williams. Ollie and I both helped run Lofi Hifi while we were in Exeter (keen readers of this blog will remember that was the night we played at in Exeter). Me and Ollie used to bring the party tunes while everyone else hung out trying to play cool music.  Who the hell wants to hear some obscure tune you dragged off a blog when they can have Black Box instead? I’ve not met that person yet. Ollie was also the second non-resident to spend the most time in my house in Exeter, being pipped to the post only by Will after he was made homeless. Ollie also did the artwork for The Bear Cub E.P. That bears face we put on everything? Yea, Ollie drew that. Ollie also has the unfathomable skill of saying the worst thing he can think of at any time. You think of something terrible Ollie will beat it. On my 22nd birthday Ollie was in the middle of the phrase ‘and Bart Simpson is watching her masturbating’ as my mum walked in with my birthday cake. Ollie Williams ladies and gentlemen

Ollie Williams

Ollie is one of the many people who I knew who had moved to Brighton who continually kept telling me how great it was.  There’s loads of cool shops blah blah blah loads of great bands blah blah blah shows happening all the time blah blah blah. The problem is after merely a few hours in Brighton I think these people might be right. After Ollie took us for the ultimate café breakfast we went for a wander around the lanes in Brighton. Dave’s comics, Punk Bunker, Snooper’s Paradise everything was so god damn cool. We walked along the sea front and out onto the pier and then back up to Ollie for tea, chatroulette and then to bid our farewells for the pitiful drive to Eastbourne.

One thing to note about Brighton before we move on, everyone is beautiful. I mean everyone. I saw a homeless man who made Ric from Tall Ships look like a scrubber. Every man, woman, child and pet looked like they had just stepped forth from whatever aspirational catalogue is most appropriate to them. Me and Will are seriously considering moving there. Wilson Fisk could be a Brighton band. Can you imagine? I need some moccasins

(i’m not wearing moccasins, never. Ok maybe when i’m like 70)

We arrived at our old acquaintance Bar Blue before the other two hopeless Bromantics that make up the Fisk and hung out with the Daggers and the Speak You Heart chaps. After the two star-crossed lovers turned up we loaded out and we regaled with the tale of the ridiculously masculine bonding excersise that had occurred between the non-singing elements of our band. The day mainly consisted of a long lie-in together followed by tea and Modern Warfare 2. Christ these dudes are butch. However me and Will both noticed an air of factionalism evolving within the ranks as Ed and Nic made references to their own little in-jokes and when Ed spilled a tiny bit of water on is cheek Nic was there like a flash to mop it up with a corner of his shirt tutting and saying things like ‘Oh I can’t take you anywhere’.

We then went to go eat. Now the more perceptive of you will notice that there is no mention of us going to get food the previous day. That’s cos we didn’t. I got some mini cheddars from a service station but that was it. Now I’m new to this touring lark but I do like eating so today I treated myself big time. After my ruinous breakfast of the morning I went and got myself a quite ludicrous meal from a popular chicken retailer. It was amazing and disgusting all in one.

We headed back to the venue and I was so full I got a stich from walking. We arrived just in time to see Mammoth Mammoth play. These dude had really nice guitars and I was scared that their tunes wouldn’t match up to the majesty of their guitars. My fears were dashed as they played a really ace set. However none of the Eastbourne crowd seemed to notice. There loss for sure.

We were slightly apprehensive before taking the stage. We thought that the prominently tattooed masses would simply treat us with the same unfair indifference that they had shows Mammoth Mammoth. However it turned out to be one of the best sets of our. Stuff broke, mics were swapped mid-song, there were sing alongs (and not just in Waist Down MENTAL!) and we all thrashed around like landed salmon. I ended the set not supporting my own weight, which is always a nice play to be, and it was just rad. Cheers Eastbourne I think we mis-judged you and owe you and apology. Speak Your Heart went and played a blinder, back on home turf and clearly with a point to prove they absolutely nailed it. Unfortunately, cos we all suck, we had to go home due to work so we all split before Let’s Talk Daggers played. It would have to have gone seriously wrong for them to fuck this set up. The vibe in the venues was ace and half the crowd were wearing their shirts despite it being one of the biggest faux-pa’s imaginable.

Three lovely days. Cheers to Jamie for having us in her’s and Snorlax’s flat. Ollie for the hospitality, Let’s Talk Daggers for being dudes. Massive thanks to Speak Your Heart for being fudging heroes.

See you soon.

(as you can probably tell i wussed out with the google image search. so i gave you links. many links. You better be grateful…)

Brighton, Prince Albert, 27 January 2010

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I’ve spent many a night in the company of Will Quick and suffice to say he’s one of my favourite plutonic bed partners. He never nicks too much of the covers, stays on his side of the bed and is respectful of pillow boundaries. Despite all of these I slept rather badly. Ho hum.

After rising , showering and getting our tea on we made the executive decision to head into Canterbury and practice. When you’re in a band that is scattered to the four corners of the southwest you have to take every opportunity to play together and that is why when we’re out playing shows we frequently will find a practise room and work on some new stuff. So we set off to the marvellous Canterbury music rooms to meet our buddy Ross and get back in the lab.

After a rather fruitful session (without wishing to sound self-aggrandizing the new stuff we’re writing is really, really good. Well we think so) we climbed into our vehicles to commence the rather modest drive to Brighton.

As we arrived at the venue we found it already full of our tour cohorts and many a witticism was exchanged. However besides the sound man there was another gentleman in the room, an older gentleman who seemed to be carrying all his worldly possessions with him, including a rather beat up guitar. Now as you can tell I was thinking ‘awesome, this guys gonna be one of those old drifter types who will regale me with stories about life on the road and then play some awesome blues’ I was wrong. After sitting and having a chat I decided he was a tad peculiar but an ultimately nice man. I had to gloss over the rather more insane things he said. Apparently he was married to Chrissie Hynde but she was always away on tour and that she needed to, and I quote, ‘Stop Pretending and come live with me all the time’. He also quite condescendingly told me to ‘not forget to call my mum’ which was actually rather ironic as I had just got off the phone with mum as I entered the venue (punk RAWK). After I told him this fact he revealed that he had also been on the phone to his mother earlier that day. Now this dude was rather old, im talking 60-70 years old so I must have made one of my slightly disbelieving and wholly innapropriate ‘really?’ faces to which the old guy replied ‘when I saw mum I mean mates wife’. A common mistake I think you’ll agree. After telling me that with when you fancy your mate’s wife you could look, think and touch once but if she wasn’t into it that was as far as you could go, he asked if he could play at the show. He got his guitar out and I was thinking ‘here we go! Time for tshi dude to play an awesome song about life on the road that while be humorous and light hearted will ultimately serves as an allegory on how to live my life’ But he didn’t. He was rubbish. Then he tried to steal some of Tall Ships merch. Shame.

For a city that I have never even set foot in ever in my life I seem to know an awful lot of people who have wound up in Brighton for various reasons. This show was a lovely opportunity to hang out and see a bunch of old friends I hadn’t seen in a good long while. Former Exeter colleagues, St Albans band-types and London hipsters all made appearances and it was marvellous.

( i google image searched happy reunions. You people are messed up)

We went on first to a relatively full room. I was really pumped to play as the soundman, with no music of his own, had plugged my ipod into the PA and I put on a playlist full of absolute bangers. One of them was ‘Gangster Gangster’ by N.W.A which made a lot of the assembled masses slightly uneasy with its rather offensive content but made me super excited to play. The stage was a bit cramped for me and I nearly fell off the front (ha!). After that Let’s Talk Daggers kicked arse and took names and then Tall Ships played. Now this was the last time we were going to play together on this tour and it was right emotional. To make it all better than played an amazing ample of some America kids talking about Snorlax (not our one, the Pokemon character. If they were talking about ours it would have gone along the lines of ‘DAMN that guy’s playing on his iPhone AGAIN! And whats this? He’s napping again? DAMN that guy’s sleepy ’). It was the best Tall Ships had played and there was even a little sing along during Vessels. Speak Your Heart then went on a were bloody marvellous as always, nice and haggard again.

After the show we loaded out with un-rivalled speed and professionalism. However Speak Your Heart and Tall Ships took bloody AGES. Apparently having merch and backline takes a bit longer than just having basic breakables but I don’t believe it.

After the show Snorlax and Nic decided they were extra sleepy and couldn’t come out and party with us and Tall Ships so they went back to Canterbury and had the most laddish bonding experience ever. More on that story later.

Me and Will however were right up for a night on the tiles in Brighton. We headed back to our good buddy Ollie’s house where were staying to ditch our stuff and head into town. We ended up in a club by the beach called Digital for allegedly a pound night where everything was a pound; entry, drinks the lot. However it wasn’t. It was a bit more. This didn’t deter us though as we’re such party dudes (ha!). Highlights from the evening included Will sharting while peeing (all he’d eaten all week was a loaf of Lidl bread. White bread. It does things to you.  It really does). Then Will throwing his jacket in a hiding place that, due to a curious arrangement of bars, made it completely out of reach and it took all of Tall Ships collective problem-solving skills to fashion a sleeve hook to recover Will’s garment. The evening was punctuated with much in the way of hugging, and deep conversations about how much Tall Ships and Wilson Fisk love each other. It’s true. Ollie felt like he had to get involved too what with all the love so made a date to play Pro Evo with Matt. Pro Evo? Nah, me neither.

Kingston, The Fighting Cocks, 26th January 2010

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So, here we are again. Hatchbacks rammed tight with gear, horrific car crashes survived and wallets primed to be ravaged by the ever-inflating price of petrol. Strings were still not changed, drumsticks were cracked and hands were in various stages of healing from frequent bouts of self-inflicted destruction. Jobs, benefits and degrees well and truly put on hold for a mid week break to the south. Yes, Wilson Fisk were back on the road for a trio of shows with our friends in Speak Your Heart, Let’s Talk Daggers, two of these dates featuring our Brighton based barnacle buddies Tall Ships.

Before we embark upon the tale I shall tell of these dates I must at first manage your expectations somewhat. Our stoic guitar played Edward Li AKA Snorlax who is usually charged with the responsibility of chronicling our adventures misplaced his camera after the Kingston show and therefore I have no pictures with which to illustrate my blog. I shall however persevere with Google images as best I can.

( I google image searched lost camera. Don’t. Also if in my blind googling i somehow upload something that is copywrited to high heavens i sincerely apologise and if you email i will of course take the offending image down.)

As with the beginning of most runs of shows we do the first day will invariably involve me having to embark on a fairly lengthy drive by myself as I live miles away from my band mates. However the drive from Watford to Kingston is not a terribly severe one and passed largely without incident. However I did make some observations on my journey. I managed to get stuck in traffic on the way to Kingston; however this was not the day-ruining monotony fest that most people seem to associate with being stuck, unable to move, inside a contraption whose primary function is movement. I was fortunate enough to be in traffic next to the Thames just as the sun was setting (I must point out this was the nicer bit of the Thames, near Hampton. Not the rubbish-strewn, whale-murdering tourist channel that said waterway becomes the closer you move to the closing title sequence of Eastenders).

While stuck in said jam, next to said idyllic location, I observed a bunch of people rowing. As Exeter University alumni you’d be forgiven for thinking that I, if not a rower myself, would at least have a healthy respect for this noble sport. I don’t. I think it’s stupid. Firstly, the actual act of rowing itself is almost designed to do your back in. Secondly, once you get the whole rowing technique down there’s not really much more you can do apart from just keep rowing. I’ve never heard in all my hours watching rowing (approximately 0.23) of any commentator saying ‘Wow what a sublime piece of skill there from the oar 3’. Try and imagine a rowing equivalent of the Harlem Globetrotters. Thank you.  Finally I was lucky enough to witness the end of the race and the rowers coming into shore to get out of their respective boats. In no other sport in the world do the competitors go from highly skilled gliding powerhouses during the race itself to resembling a bunch of pissed baby giraffes in an errant lift while trying to get out of their respective boats. If I’m amazing at a sport I want to look cool all the time while I’m doing it.

It's all athletic prowess now but wait 'til you gotta get out of that balance beam buddy.

I arrived in Kingston ahead of the others so parked up in town in an attempt to find a cash machine and a public restroom that would not require any form of purchase for me to use. After paying 90p per half hour for the privilege of parking my car I was fortunate enough to stumble upon a fully-facilitated BHS. Relieved and revitalised I decided to try and look for the fabled Banquet Records. I’ve been to Kingston numerous times before, however I had never even seen Banquet from the outside, let alone been inside. I was starting to think it didn’t exist at all. One of my good friends had worked there for a year while living in Kingston but I even started to question that. It was almost as if Banquet was the record store equivalent of Keyser Söze. I was half expecting to see a branch of HMV with a limp leave a police station and stand up and start walking normally. Luckily it does exist and is great. I felt obliged to make a purchase as I had proved that this fabled land existed so I bought both records by the excellent south coast hardcore band Our Time Down Here who are a great band who stayed at my house in Exeter once and were thoroughly lovely. Me and Will the singer are even facebook friends. Yea, I know.

It does exist! It wasn't that busy when i went. It was lovely

I then had the unenviable task of driving through Kingston. I you live there you’ll know but if you don’t, the road systems in Kingston are terrible and the drivers unforgiving. Kingston’s ring-road system seems to be based loosely on some of Mario-Karts more complex circuits and if you’re in the incorrect lane while approaching your turning you have to go all the way around it again.  If you even think about changing lanes you will be drowned in a sea of beeps from surrounding drivers who will race to fill any gap that might allow you to not have to go around again.

The average kingston resident on their way home from work. It's less leafy though. Far less

After unloading at the venue and scaring a passer-by by attempting to greet Nic in my customary (and rather convincing if I say so myself) angry Scottish accent we were re-united with the beautiful gentlemen in Tall Ships. Just to see there three beaming faces made all the stresses of driving through Kingston melt away. However Ric and I had to re-enter the vehicular fray to go park up our respective vessels (aha!). I ended up getting thoroughly confused and wound up and had to go park in an ASDA to get myself together. After a smoothie, a wrap and a few tears I managed to park right next to the venue for a pound. Win!

I arrived back to see that both the remainder of my own band as well the Speak Your Heart and Let’s Talk Daggers gents had arrived. After pleasantries were swapped and sounds checked the doors were opened and the show commenced. Daggers went on first and were ace as always. I can’t imagine the modest crowd were really expecting three chaps of varying lengths of hair playing Locust-without-the-electronics hardcore but I enjoyed it.

We were up next and had a lovely time. I managed to not punch Ed in the chest this show which I’m sure he appreciated. I ended the show by thrashing around on the floor like a landed pike. I really couldn’t tell you why.

This dude was so stoked he caught a 200 punder.

Following on from us were Speak Your Heart who showed the signs of a band who had been on tour for a while i.e. furiously tight but with a nicely haggard edge that gave their performance a nice bit of roughness. Maybe they should look into smoking forty a day and not sleeping ever for some true grit.

After that Tall Ships went on to a vastly depleted crowd and proceeded to play a seriously fun show. Brutally macho dance moves aside it was great!

After the show everyone was feeling slightly subduded and with nowhere for us to stay we took the executive decision to drive to Snorlax’s very lovely new flat (now named the Poke Ball). Snorlax had to leave half way through the show to take his very lovely flatemate Jamie home so me, Will and Nic had to drive back to Canterbury. We chose to stop off at ASDA on the way home for sustenance with Will promising us he knew the way. However he didn’t. He kept saying ‘I can see exactly where to go in my mind’. This was difficult for me as the driver because what I could see with my eyes didn’t seem to match up with what Will saw with his mind.

Back at the Poke Ball we ate, watched some South Park and then fell into bed. Me and Will got to share Ed’s lovely double bed. At one point in the night me and Will slept with our bums touching and both in a sort of foetal position. From above we must have looked like the Kappa logo. Sweet.


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snorlax, wilson fisk

A wild Snorlax appears!

*Snorlax being the begrudged nickname of Edward Li due to his ability and penchant for sleeping in any situation

Tour Video

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Check out this super sweet video ol’Snorlax made of the first four shows of this tour.

Oh he is a talented Pokemon isn’t he?